EPS CONTAINER LINE is characterized mainly by its customer service. It is, we can say, the fundamental pillar of our company.

Our job is to be your forwarding agent, offering you solutions, with our task being processing and managing your shipments with ease and agility, advising you at all times with the greatest possible efficiency, and effectively solving any problem that may arise.

We want to be your partner, adapting to you always, prioritizing that you as a client get the maximum possible out of this administration, with the peace of mind and reassurance that we are managing your cargo as if it were ours.

Main services

We offer a complete and fully personalized service: from the transport to the installations of the cargo, to the comprehensive administration of customs and the previous documentation involved, to insurance, to maritime and air freight-forwarding, and, also, to direct delivery to your client. We take charge of negotiating the cost and transport services, and offering the best services nationally and locally with the objective that your cargo can be delivered to its destination with complete peace of mind.


Our main service is complete maritime import/export. We are specialized in temperature-controlled transport. Our staff, qualified and experienced in the transport of food products and derivatives, have made us a benchmark in a variety of sectors.


We have an air forwarding department at our disposal, which can manage importation and exportation shipments by air, from general cargo to refrigerated/frozen cargo.

We can offer a door-to-door service, to the place that you require, or to your client.

Other services


(general cargo and temperature-controlled cargo)
We take charge of receiving, storing if necessary, supervising and the loading of your consignment in the moment that you require.
We also offer direct transfer services from the lorry to the container and vice-versa.


We offer all manner of services prior to despatching such as the comprehensive administration of health & Safety, SOIVRE, phytosanitary, inspections, etc., as well as the issuing of certificates of origin, and the EUR1 and FORM-A if needed.


We give the maximum cover to your shipments. Our policies include specific clauses for temperature-controlled products.
Only when expressly requested.


We offer LCL (Less than Container Load) freight-forwarding for those clients that require it. Always trying to offer the best service price and guaranteeing that your client will not pay more than necessary, unlike with generally routed cargo.